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Facility Number 257

Region: 5

Committee District: 9            

Type and Location: Non-Highway Vending route, West Palm Beach

Reported Annual Sales:  $195,798 (April, 2018 – March, 2019)

Recommended Staffing:  Operator and 1 full-time employee/driver

Operational Hours:  varied

Services & Products:  Typical Vending Machine Fare

Vending Machines:  40 Snack and 65 Drink

Accessibility: This facility is located on property which is ADA compliant. 

Special Information or Requirements:

  • This route consists of 48 locations.
  • Operator must have Palm Beach County listed as an additional insured on liability insurance.
  • Operator must pay 10% commissions at 14 Palm Beach Park locations.
  • Operator must keep a petty cash fund of $15 at each County location where vending equipment is located, to be used for customer refunds.
  • Incoming vendor will be required to continue any forms of payment (card readers, etc.) currently utilized at the facility and set up related accounts, as well as provide those forms of payment on any future locations or machines, as deemed appropriate by the Division.    
  • The Vendor and his or her employees must pass a background check required by the property owners.  The Vendor’s inability to pass clearance shall constitute disqualification.  Employee clearance may create staffing challenges. 

Business Enterprise Consultant:  Rafaella Diershaw
Email: Rafaella.Diershaw@dbs.fldoe.org Telephone: (954) 746-1770

Committee District Representative:  Joel Rose
Email: rosessnack@gmail.com               Telephone: (954) 675-5211

Availability Projection: To be determined by the Regional Consultant in collaboration with the incoming and outgoing vendors.

Absolute Deadline: All applications for any or all of the posted business opportunities must be received by the Bureau of Business Enterprise in Tallahassee no later than May 30, 2019, without exception.  A post mark is not considered as the receipt date. You will be notified by email once your application is received. 

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