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Facility Vacancy Announcement Information

Facility Number:  352

Region:  5

Committee District:  9

Type and Location:  Cafeteria, Broward County Government Center, Ft Lauderdale.

Reported Annual Sales:  $194,587.55 (August, 2016 through July, 2017).

Recommended Staffing:  2 full-time employees plus the operator.

Operational Hours:  7:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Services & Products:  Typical cafeteria fare and vending machine products.

Vending Machines:  5 snack, 8 drink, and 1 bill changer. 

Accessibility:  This facility is located on property which is ADA compliant.  Public transportation and special community based transportation for persons with disabilities are available.

Special Information or Requirements:  

  1. Vending machines are spread through 5 floors of the building with 2 beverage machines located in an adjacent parking garage. All vending machines have agency-owned credit card readers installed.
  2. The Vendor and his or her employees must pass a background check required by the property owners.  The Vendor’s inability to pass clearance shall constitute disqualification.  Employee clearance may create staffing challenges. 

Business Enterprise Consultant:  Jim Carper
Email: james.carper@dbs.fldoe.org        Telephone: (954) 746-1770

Committee District Representative:  Joel Rose
Email: jr@ikidu.com                               Telephone: (954) 675-5211

Availability Projection:  To be negotiated by the Consultant with exiting and entering vendors

Absolute Deadline:  All applications for any or all of the posted business opportunities must be received by the Bureau of Business Enterprise in Tallahassee by close of business at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, September 30, 2017 without exception.  A post mark is not considered as the receipt date. You will be notified by email once your application is received. 

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