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Prepare for the Vendor Selection Test

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Applicants will be notified regarding testing date, time and location.

The questions are derived from information contained in the following source references:

Audio Material

You can listen to this audio material online by using the players on this web page. Or you can download the MP3 files to play on your own audio devices. Here's how to download these audio files:

  1. RIGHT CLICK on the link. When the context menu pops up, select "Save Target As".
  2. A file dialog box will open. Browse to a location on your computer where you want to SAVE the file and activate the "Save" or "OK" button. The file will then be downloaded from the website to your computer and saved in the folder you selected.
  3. To play the file, go to the folder where it was saved on your computer and double click the filename. Windows should launch whatever MP3 player you have associated with that file type and begin playing the file. You can also copy the file from your computer onto your portable MP3 player and listen to it that way.

Listen to the Licensed Operator Facility Agreement -- 45 minutes

Download the Licensed Operator Facility Agreement (MP3 File) -- 36.1 Megabytes

Listen to the Hot Drink Center Programming Guide -- 1 hour 48 minutes

Download the Hot Drink Center Programming Guide (MP3 File) -- 101 megabytes

Listen to the Florida Administrative Code -- 1 hour 15 minutes

Download the Florida Administrative Code (MP3 File) -- 69.8 megabytes

Listen to the Food Safety Study Guide -- 31 minutes

Download the Food Safety Study Guide (MP3 File) -- 28.6 megabytes

Listen to the BBE Policies and Procedures Manual -- 1 hour 40 minutes

Download the BBE Policies and Procedures Manual (MP3 File) -- 93.8 megabytes

Guides, Manuals, and Agreements

State and Federal Law

Sample Exam

An actual BBE examination, used in a previous Selection Cycle, can be found at the following website:


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Username: practiceexamjf
Password: floridabbe

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