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Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CEUs?

The continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized unit of measure for non-credit continuing education programs. It is used to document learning that differs from the traditional academic learning experience and has become vital as a means of determining the value of a learning experience in continuing education and training.

How are CEUs calculated?

As a general rule, one CEU is defined as ten (10) contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience. Fractions of units can also be awarded (5 hours = 0.5 units). The Division, after consulting with the State Committee of Vendors Chairman, may elect to award CEUs for participation in certain events that fall short of the required number of instructional hours.

How do programs qualify for CEUs

For a specific program or course to be eligible for approval of CEUs, the program: 

  • Must be planned to fulfill a specific educational need.
  • Must have a clear purpose and objective
  • Must have qualified instructional personnel directly involved in conducting the educational activity.

What are the guidelines and procedures for obtaining CEU qualification?

  • All programs receiving CEUs must be educational and held in an organized, structured setting.
  • Course approval must be granted by the Bureau of Business Enterprise in advance. 
  • The number of CEUs awarded is determined by the actual instructional time with verified attendance of the BBE vendor.  Registration periods, breaks, and lunches are excluded in determination of time credit. 

What types of programs are eligible for consideration toward CEU credit?

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Short courses
  • Paraprofessional training programs
  • Certificate programs

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired Application Process

Hadley has agreed that BBE managers in Florida are not required to provide verification that they are legally blind. As of January 1, 2012, Hadley has been provided a list of all active, licensed BBE vendors.

First time registrants will need to complete an enrollment application. Applications can be completed online at http:///www.hadley.edu. If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of the application in Braille or print format, you should contact Student Services at (800) 526-9909 or via email at student_services@hadley.edu.

The application will ask for information about your eye condition, but an eye report is not required if you are identified on the vendor list provided to them. For identification purposes, when completing the application form, please note "2017 FL Randolph Sheppard" in the Referral Details section of the application where it asks how you heard about Hadley.

Vendors who have taken Hadley courses in the past, within a five year time period, are not required to submit a new application. You should contact Student Services via email or telephone to request enrollment. However, Hadley asks that you identify yourselves as a Florida Randolph Sheppard Program student.

There may be times when the process runs into a glitch since Florida is the only state with this provision. If this occurs, please emphasize to the Hadley representative that you are a licensed Florida Randolph Sheppard manager or vendor.

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired Approved Courses for CEUs

Business/Entrepreneurship Modules:

  • Market Research  FCE-110  1.0 CEU
  • The Marketing Plan  FCE-120  1.0 CEU
  • The Financial Plan  FCE-130  2 CEUs
  • The Business Plan FCE-140  1.0 CEU
  • Accounting for Small Business  FCE-190  0.5 CEU
  • Marketing: Finding Customers and Clients FCE-270  0.5 CEU
  • Marketing: Conveying a Message FCE-300  0.5 CEU
  • Marketing: Matching Products to Customers FCE-310  0.5 CEU
  • Marketing: Creating an Image FCE-320  0.5 CEU
  • Forms of Ownership FCE-160  0.5 CEU
  • Taxes for Small Business FCE-200  0.5 CEU
  • Networking Skills FCE-220  0.5 CEU
  • Customer Service Basics FCE-230  0.5 CEU
  • Business Ethics FCE-250  0.5 CEU

Technology Courses:

  • Using Excel BBS-111   2 CEUs
  • Screen Readers: Formatting Word Documents WRD-111   0.5 CEU
  • Developing Your Technology Tool Kit (A/H) TEC-101   1 CEU

Business Courses:

  • Business Fundamentals BUS-101  3 CEUs
  • Business Communications COM-101  1 CEU
  • Business Law 1 BBS-701   2 CEUs
  • Business Law 2 BBS-801   2 CEUs
  • Business Writing (A/H) BBS-202  1 CEU
  • Managing Personal Finances MPF-101 1.5 CEU

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