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Spotlight on Youth Co-Op, Inc.

Elisa Lastra
Elisa Lastra

Employer Contact: Connie Perez-Borroto
Title/Position: President & CEO
City: Miami

Social Media:
Website: www.ycoopmail.org
Facebook: Youth Co-Op, Inc.
Twitter: Youth Co-Op, Inc.
Instagram: Youth Co-Op, Inc.

Why is it important to hire persons who are blind or visually impaired?

Youth Co-Op promotes awareness that persons with visual impairments/disabilities are as capable of performing their job duties as any other employee.

How has hiring persons who are blind or visually impaired benefitted your company?

Eduardo Martinez.jpg
Eduardo Martinez

Youth Co-Op benefits from hiring persons with visual impairment/disabilities by gaining skilled, responsible and dedicated employees.

Favorite Quote

As employers, we need to hire the best person for the position and focus on their ability to perform the job duties.