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Greg Luther Retiring

Greg Luther began working with the agency in the world of access technology in May of1971. He took on the job as Coordinator of Electronics Training Program after his father, Bill Luther, who had begun in 1967. In the 40 years, in which Greg has worked tirelessly, the Access Technology phoneline was created , and he has taught countless blind people- not just in Florida, either, since he has done some travelling for speaking engagements across the country. He also began the Electronic Assembly Program at the Manderfield Technical Training Lab. As a former student, Adam Gaffney remineces on Greg's teaching style.

"I remember Greg as one of the best teachers I've had," said Adam. "He showed us how to make a battery out of a lemon, some wire, and a nail as well as a very simple speaker out of a piece of notebook paper, a little magnet, and a coil of wire. I remember his clear instruction with many good examples."

According to those who have worked with and been taught by Greg, also known as "The Man," he has the unusual gift of working seriously while still keeping his sense of humor. He added to his classes by doing magic tricks. Katie Lear, who has worked with him since 1987, had this to say about him-

"The students in our training classes always loved it when he came in for a visit. He always had a joke, and was always ready to assist with any computer problems"

As a former student and then coworker, Adam Gaffney says "I think that Greg has the unusual gift of working with both clients and coworkers and being very serious about getting the job done, while being loose and fun at the same time. When you see Greg work with his staff, you can see the friendliness and professionalism hand in hand," said Adam. "Greg, I wish there were more like you."

Greg's last day is November 30. He said that he will be working around his house, and helping his family members with theirs. His successor, Michael Elliott says, "as His final act, he will disappear."

More On Access Technology

Michael Elliott has been working alongside Greg Luther since the first of March, as a fellow rehab engineer technology consultant . He will assume Greg's position after Greg leaves on November 30. Michael wil be sending out the Access Technology Newsletter to keep us all informed about the ever changing world of access technology.


The October issue incorrectly stated that Brian Michaels, VR Supervisor, who started September 20th, and Elizabeth Aragon-Duque, Senior Rehabilitation Specialist who began October 5th, were working in District 11 in the Ft. Lauderdale office. They are actually in District 6 in Orlando. I apologize for the error.

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