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Kids Grades 3 to 5 Digital Books

Talking book player and cartridges.

Active = cartridges available
DO = Download Only, available immediately in BARD, but cartridges can be made by request.


Doublecross: (And Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy) by Jackson Pearce

Everyone in twelve-year-old Hale's family is a spy going way back. They've all worked for the Sub Rosa Society, an elite organization that's so top secret that new agents aren't recruited; they're born. His parents may be the ultimate spy team at SRS, but Hale isn't your typical stealthy spy--he is, as his mother puts it, "big-boned," and as some of his classmates put it, "fat." Still, he's convinced he will someday be a great field agent. After all, it's his legacy. 

I Love You, Michael Collins by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

In 1969, as her own family is falling apart, ten-year-old Mamie finds comfort in conducting a one-sided correspondence with the least famous astronaut heading toward the moon on Apollo 11.

Lemons by Melissa Savage

Lemonade Liberty Witt’s mama always told her: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But Lem can’t possibly make lemonade out of her new life in Willow Creek, California— the Bigfoot Capital of the World—where she’s forced to live with a grandfather she’s never met after her mother passes away.

Lights, Camera, Cook! By Charise Mericle Harper

A zesty series for fans of MasterChef Jr. and Kids Cook-off! In episode one, four talented tween chefs step into the spotlight to prove that they have what it takes to become the Next Best Junior Chef.  Who will have the grits to get through week one of the competition?

Spirit Week Showdown: The Magnificent Mya Tibbs.

Spirit Week is ramping up and fourth-grader Mya is positive that, with the help of her best friend Naomi, they can win the coveted VIP tickets to the Fall Festival and see her idol Cowgirl Claire. But then mean-girl Connie is assigned as her partner!

The Sweetest Sound by Sherri Winston

Ten-year-old Cadence wants to share her amazing voice in the church choir but is held back by her extreme shyness. When a recording of Cadence's amazing voice leaks before she's ready to go public, she is torn over what to do.

Ugly Cat & Pablo by Isabel Quintero

Ugly Cat is dying for an ice pop. His mouse friend, Pablo, is determined to help him get one. Things go horribly wrong for the duo in the process.

Wish by Barbara O’Connor

When ten-year-old Charlie's dad goes to jail and her mom spends all day on the couch, Charlie reluctantly moves to the country to live with her kin. There, with the help of a stray dog and a new friend, she discovers the true meaning of family.

Zoey and Sassafras: Dragons and Marshmallows by Asia Citro

In Dragons and Marshmallows, budding young scientist Zoey and her cat, Sassafras, use science experiments to help a dragon. A monster needs a problem solved in time to go to a ball in Monsters and Mold. In Merhorses and Bubbles, magical creatures in a stream are in danger.


Say it with music a story about Irving Berlin

The story of Israel Baline who came to America with his family in 1893. He would later change his name to Irving Berlin and become one of the country's best-loved songwriters. His music includes "God Bless America" and "White Christmas."

Interrupted journey: saving endangered sea turtles.

Follows volunteers in Massachusetts, Florida, and Mexico as they rescue endangered sea turtles, known as Kemp's ridley turtles.

Saving manatees.

Discusses the characteristics and habits of the Florida manatee. Explains the reasons why the manatee is considered an endangered species and what is being done to help it survive.

Kids' container gardening: year-round projects for inside and out.

Author provides an overview of plants and garden requirements. Presents a variety of projects and craft ideas organized by season. Some adult assistance recommended.

Scholastic atlas of space.

Provides an overview of facts about the universe. Covers galaxies, the Milky Way, the sun and moon, stars, planets, asteroids, comets, meteors, and space exploration. Includes three activities and a glossary.

Grow it, cook it.

Explains gardening basics. Recommends proper container sizes for growing tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkins, beans, potatoes, carrots, etc.

A backyard vegetable garden for kids.

Covers the basics of vegetable gardening, from planning what to plant through harvesting a crop. Discusses tools needed for soil preparation, step-by-step instructions for sowing seeds, and general garden-care information.

True green kids: one hundred things you can do to save the planet.

Suggests ways to encourage personal involvement in protecting Earth's resources while at home, at school, in the outdoors, shopping, or on vacation.

The time book: a brief history from lunar calendars to atomic clocks.

Examines the history and evolution of timekeeping. Discusses nature's seasonal cycles and daily rhythms and explores modern scientific influences on the exactness, size, and cost of timepieces.

Stories from the billabong.

Ten Australian Aboriginal folktales about creation and the natural world, including "How the Kangaroo Got Her Pouch" and "How the Crocodile Got Its Scales."


Discusses the development of the SCRATCHbot, a three-wheeled robot with rat-like whiskers that collects tactile information study animals' sense of touch.

Thirteen planets: the latest view of the solar system.

Discusses the idea that there are eight classical and five dwarf planets. Also covers the Sun, the moon, the asteroid belt, meteorites, comets, orbits, and other solar systems.

Inventor's Secret: What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford

Describes the friendship between the two inventors and how Thomas Edison's advice to the young Henry Ford inspired Ford to work on his automobiles.

Engineering that made America.

Presents eight significant engineering achievements in U. S. history, including: the Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam, the Transcontinental Railroad, the airplane, and more.