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Rehab and Independent Living
Needs Survey

comprehensive statewide needs assessment banner urging viewers to participate.

Florida’s Division of Blind Services is conducting an assessment of the vocational rehabilitation and independent living needs of individuals with disabilities living in Florida.  We need your help!!

You can provide your input by completing a short survey.  The survey is completely confidential and should not take more than 15-20 minutes of your time.

If you are an individual with blindness or a vision impairment, or a family member, caregiver or advocate of an individual with blindness or a visual impairment, please click on the following link to take the vocational rehabilitation needs survey:

Individual survey

If you work for a community organization such as a school, community rehabilitation program or other organization that serves individuals with blindness or visual impairments, please click on the following link to take the survey:

Partner survey

If you are a business in Florida, please click on the following link to take the business survey:

Business survey

These online surveys will be active from now until October 12. We would greatly appreciate you forwarding this note to anyone you know who has applied for, used, or considered DBS services.

Your input is critically important to improving services for residents of Florida with blindness or vision impairments.  Thank you for participating!