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Hyatt Place Pensacola Airport
161 Airport Lane
Pensacola, Florida  32504

Wednesday May 10, 2017

Chairwoman Patricia Lipovsky called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. (CT) with the Pledge of Allegiance and opening comments.

Council Members Present: 8
Patricia Lipovsky, Sandra Burke, Gloria Mills, Robert Kelly, Robert Doyle, Bruce Miles, Paul Edwards, Mikey Wiseman

Council Members Via Phone: 1
Howard Bell

Council Members Absent: 1
Charles Brooksen

Council Staff: 1
Selena Sickler

DBS Staff: 7
Bridget Giles, Allison Flanagan, Cynthia Lyons, Lauren Williams, Stephanie Lambert, Lancelot Bonner, Genevieve English Charles

Consumers in Attendance: 5

First Consumer Comment

  • Stated her appreciation for the support from Independence of the Blind and DBS.

Second Consumer Comment

  • Asked if DBS provided medical supplies.

DBS Repsonse:

  • Director Doyle responded by stating that DBS services would be provided based upon the clients’ individual plan and tools necessary to help them achieve their employment goals.

Third Consumer Comment

  • Stated his appreciation for the DBS training he has received and his desire to continue to learn.

Forth Consumer Comment

  • Stated her appreciation for Project Search and Transition Weekend.

Fifth Consumer Comment

  • Expressed her appreciation to DBS for the services and opportunities her daughter has received.

Paul Edwards suggested for audience introductions due to the extra time available. Chair Lipovsky agreed. The audience introduced themselves.

Chair Lipovsky asked for audience comments.

President of the Pensacola Chapter of the Florida Council of the Blind, Cecil Edgecumb, announced a meeting at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow at Cordova Lanes.

Consumer 2 asked if anyone knew of a transportation service for the visually impaired on a fixed income.

  • Paul Edwards suggested getting involved with the local transportation system and keeping in touch with Transportation Disadvantaged.  Mr. Edwards encouraged the audience to be vocal with their legislators to increase funding for the paratransit system statewide.
  • Sandra Burke suggested looking at Good Wheels and local bus route.
  • Mikey Wiseman encouraged communicating with consumer advocacy organizations.
  • Paul Edwards suggested looking at companies who may have created cooperative agreements.
  • Chair Lipovsky suggested speaking to local transportation planning organization.
  • An audience member stated that any person who had a note from their doctor could apply to ride the bus at no charge.

Mr. Denny asked if DBS would subsidize transportation services.

  • Director Doyle stated that he would need to look at the feasibility.

The meeting adjourned at 5:55 p.m. (CT)