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Blindness Resources

Resource Directory Listing

  • The Accessible Documents page gives you information about how to make your word processing accessible to blind and visually impaired users. Links are included to various sources of information that deal with specific file types.
  • The Assistive Technology section will inform you about the various devices and software available to help blind people live fulfilling and more independent lives.
  • The Guide Dogs page answers some common questions people have about guide dogs and how to behave around them.
  • The Organizations section lists organizations and associations devoted to assisting and advocating for people who are blind and/or visually impaired.
  • The Web Links section will point you to other blindness related websites. You will find an extensive list of categories that cover everything from where to buy assistive technology to blind sports and computer games for blind people.
  • The Legal Resources section will point you to key federal laws and regulations, Florida statutes, and the Florida Administrative Code that are beneficial to persons who are blind or visually impaired.

There's a lot here to look through. We hope you find it instructive and helpful!

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