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Suggest Additions to Library

Recording booth and control room

BARD Additions

If you have requests for titles you would like added to BARD, including:

  • earlier titles missing from an existing series,
  • new titles to an existing series,
  • or additional titles missing from an author already included in BARD,

Please send an email to Maureen.dorosinski@dbs.fldoe.org. A determination can be made whether the titles are available commercially and can be requested that NLS add them, or place them for recording. Please note there are no guaranteed time frames, if we get confirmation they can be added, you will need to keep checking. We cannot notify you when it is available.

Florida Award Winners, Authors, and Subject Matter

Please note as of October 27, 2020: This submission process has been suspended until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience as we work diligently to resume production in the future. Thank you for your understanding during these unforeseen times.

Evaluation includes structure and layout of books, among other factors. Submissions must be a print book published by a traditional publisher; no self-published material or e-books accepted.

Email maureen.dorosinski@dbs.fldoe.org for questions on the selection and recording process. If not accepted, the Library will return the books sent for review. Production time averages 9 months to one year. If accepted, the recorded or embossed work becomes the property of this institution and will become available for loan to registered LBPH patrons. Personal copies are not created.

From the NLS Network Library Manual, 6.1 Selection Policy for Reading Materials.

Consideration Form(s) and Mailing Address:

Recording and Braille Consideration Form (DOC)

Recording and Braille Consideration Form (PDF)

Mail completed form and 2 copies of book for review to: 

Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library,
421 Platt Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Attention: Maureen Dorosinski

We can make referrals for educational materials and braille requests. Please email Maureen.dorosinski@dbs.fldoe.org with questions.

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