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Suggest Additions to Library

Recording booth and control room

Consideration Form(s) and Mailing Address:

Recording and Braille Consideration Form (DOC)

Recording and Braille Consideration Form (PDF)

Mail completed form and book for review to: 

Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library,
421 Platt Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Attention: Maureen Dorosinski

How Selections Are Made

Focus is on Florida award winners, authors, and subject matter. We also take into consideration the structure of the book for audio production. Please email Maureen Dorosinski, Librarian/Production Supervisor for any questions or clarifications about the selection and recording process. maureen.dorosinski@dbs.fldoe.org

If not accepted, the Library will return the books sent for review. Production time averages 9 months to one year, including multiple steps of narration, monitoring, reviewing, editing, and duplication. As an official state regional library, we follow the rules and regulations of the National Library Service (NLS) in Washington, D.C:

“Regional and subregional libraries provide an additional source of materials by producing books of local and regional interest, and those of recreational or informational interest not provided for in the NLS collection. Network libraries make these titles accessible nationwide by sending bibliographic data to NLS for inclusion in the Union Catalog, and by providing interlibrary loan copies on request.”

From the NLS Network Library Manual, 6.1 Selection Policy for Reading Materials